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for flute, Bb clarinet, violin, and cello (c. 7')

Contrary to many of my titles, the name came in the final stages of writing the music. Dialectic refers to Hegel’s dialectic where two or more seemingly opposing perspectives or viewpoints come together in conversation to find the truth and eventually arrive at a logical conclusion. Each sweeping, lyrical line is characterized by the different instrumentation that plays it. While each “segment” of this long melody snakes its way through the piece, more complete harmonies occasionally insert themselves with the melodies, serving as somewhat of a Greek chorus or audience to the conversation. This chorus begins the work, bringing us to the solo flute that begins our conversation. After the quartet arrives at a consensus, it changes the whole context of the conversation they’ve been having.

                                                                                                                         Cory Brodack
                                                                                                                              April 2021 

Dialectic was premiered at
Connecticut Summerfest 2021 by Hub New Music
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