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for two choirs, vibraphone, and bass clarinet (c. 7')

Nephology  (ne· phol· o· gy / nɪˈfɒlədʒi)
noun. a branch of meteorology dealing with clouds, or the contemplation of clouds

Nephology utilizes words for clouds and rain from several relatively old languages: Latin, Armenian, Korean, Aramaic, Chinese, Greek, Coptic, Sanskrit, and Tamil. Part of the compositional structure of the piece relies on an antiphonal effect between two choirs, where one is staged behind the other to give a depth or echo effect that is taken advantage of in the piece. Typically, the farther back the second choir is placed behind the other, the more noticeable the effect is. The second choir should still be in sight of the conductor, as several moments in the piece require synchronization between the choirs. The vibraphone and bass clarinet may be staged off to the side of the choir, or by the conductor, to aid the choir in performance. Text is given in IPA throughout the piece, to help with correct pronunciation of the multiple languages used throughout the piece. Nephology should create the overall effect of a journey through a cloud, slowly encountering a rainstorm, and finally exiting into clear sky.

                                                                                                                                 Cory Brodack
                                                                                                                                        April 2020

premiere TBA