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Please contact me using the contact form or at [email protected] to inquire about project information and rates. I compose original music, as well as provide orchestration, arranging, and transcription services.

Recent Projects:

Quarteto Raro - The Little White Bird (2 cellos, 2 pianos)

Andrew Pelletier - Autolalia (solo horn)

What is a commission?

The commissioning process is the chance for the composer and commissioner to have a relationship in which thoughts and ideas are shared throughout the entire creation of a piece of music. It is not necessary to have any form of musical background to commission a work. It is simply a way for the commissioner, composer, and performers to have the chance to share ideas with one another and question artistic decisions about conception and design in the creation of a brand new artistic and impactful work.

When should I contact you, and how much will it cost?

The entire process works best when I am contacted at least 8-9 months in advance of the first performance. This gives me the necessary time to conceive, sketch, write, edit, and prepare the work for the performers' rehearsals. This time gives the chance to work around busy schedules, and also to allow room for artistic discourse between all parties involved. Shorter time frames are acceptable, depending on the project's scope. The cost of the commission depends on length, size/instrumentation, and time frame, and complexity. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions if you are unsure about the scope and cost of a project. I want to be as open and considerate as possible of the needs and wants of anyone interested in the commission process.

Who owns the rights?

The rights of the work belong with the composer. If you commission a work, you may request specific performance rights that allow the performer/ensemble to be the only party to perform the given work for an explicit amount of time. I am always interested in attending rehearsals and performances of my own works if possible. I usually ask for a recording of the premiere performance for my own archival uses and promotional purposes.


Film, television, and game music
Crossover scores (accompaniment to popular music)
Educational music
Concert music
Adapting scores for educational purposes
Transcribing sheet music from a recording
Reducing/orchestrating a work for different forces


A completely original piece for film, television, game, concert halls, or any other group, venue or media installation


​Arrangements and orchestrations consist of creating a custom work tailored to a specific group using preexisting material.



​Transcriptions consist of notating music from an audio recording. Reductions involve reducing a larger piece for smaller forces, for either rehearsal/study purposes or small performances.


​I also provide copyist/engraving services. Copyist work consists of entering scores and parts into Finale, Sibelius, or another music notation software for transposition, editing, and cuts. Pricing is calculated on the complexity, amount of time involved, and amount of finished material. Final projects will be emailed as PDFs. Graphic scores will be priced based on the amount of detail and work involved. Additional pricing for multiple versions may apply (multiple transpositions, instrumentations, etc.)